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But can Blogging make you rich?

This question depends on you. Let's make it clear once and for all: blogging can make you rich. Full stop. End of story. But you will have to work for it.


Let me clear one misconception: blogging is not a sure way of making money online. Blogging can never give you any income if you do not know what you are doing. You must start it with a business mindset first.

How to start a blog with a business mindset

When a businessman wants to start a business, he first of all sits down and plans out the cost of starting the business, and the gains he will get. If there is gain after doing the Maths then he knows its a viable business and he goes for it.


In the same way, when you want to start a blogging business the two things you should ask are how much does it cost? and how do you make money from a blog?

Let's answer the first question: how much does it cost to start a blog?

You can start a blog for free without spending a dime. Go to www.wordpress.com and get your own free blog. You can choose any free blog template and use it as you wish.


The second question: how to make money from a blog?

Google Adsense is an ad network that Google uses to place ads on blogs. Whenever these ads are clicked by the blog visitors Google pays the blog owner.


Let's say for instance that Google pays 5 cents for each click. If ten thousand visitors visit a blog and out of that ten thousand people 1000 click on the Google ads that will be $50 made in a single day. If it happens like that for 30 days that would be $1500 per month!


An American blogger once had a blog that was getting atleast a hundred thousand visitors per day. He was making so much money that he quit his day job and joined the blogging world with full force.


There are also two other things you need to consider before running a blogging business: content and traffic.


Content is what makes people come to your blog. If there is no good content then a blog should not exist in the first place. Whatever you know that people would love to read can be created as content.


As diverse as are the interests of mankind so that is how diverse the blogosphere is now. We now have news blogs, medical blogs, blogs about pets, blogs about all kinds of sports, political blogs, religious blogs, and even blogs that cover bizzarre topics.


When selecting a blog topic please only select a topic that you are passionate about. If you are passionate about relationships then start a blog about relationships. If you are crazy about cars why not start a blog about trending cars?


It is vital that you are passionate about your topic because in the beginning you may become discouraged when you don't see any visitors on your blog. Your passion for the topic will fire you up and if you hang on for a while you will succeed. Its a patient game.


It is not easy to generate content for a blog. This is where the hardwork is. Some bloggers even pay writers to write up interesting content for their blogs. You may not need to though if you have passion.


Whatever topic you would choose to put on your blog that will be the content. This is what would attract people who love reading such content. Once you have people visiting a blog the next thing is to monetize that blog.

Monetizing a blog's traffic

When a lot of visitors go to a particular blog on a daily basis, the blog owner can make money through placing Google ads. Some serious money can be made through this means if you know what you are doing.


But before thinking about the money you have to figure out how to get traffic for your blog. How do you make the world know that your blog exists?

Getting traffic for a blog

In this era of social networking media its now as easy as anything to fetch traffic from the great social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. All you have to do is post some of your content on these sites and place links back to your blog in order to attract the traffic that you need.


When you do this on a consistent basis you build your traffic organically. At first you may be seeing just cents at the beginning. But if are persistent your traffic volume will grow after a few months. That is when you know that you have arrived.


It will take you time to get a high traffic blog. But when you do get a high traffic blog that is when you may start getting calls from big media companies who are interested in your traffic and want to buy your blog. So ultimately, the holy grail of blogging is traffic.


In Summary

Create a nice looking blog with good content that attracts a lot of people on a daily basis. Then sell the blog off if you wish. Once you can do this then you will know that blogging definitely can make you rich.


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